Start Shakespeares dating life

Shakespeares dating life

The institutions of a free society are designed to ward off those who would govern, as Buchanan put it, “not for their country but for themselves, who take account not of the public interest but of their own pleasure.” Under what circumstances, Shakespeare asked himself, do such cherished institutions, seemingly deep-rooted and impregnable, suddenly prove fragile?

Why would anyone, he asked himself, be drawn to a leader manifestly unsuited to govern, someone dangerously impulsive or viciously conniving or indifferent to the truth?

Each friendship you have will probably be slightly different from the next one.

Some people will be your mentors, others your ​BFFs, and still others might remain acquaintances.

Friendship is a part of nearly every relationship we have and his plays give us the inspiration to dump the bad friends, celebrate the good ones, and improve the way we act.

While this quote talks about love, I relate it to the judgment we sometimes make in meeting new people.

Being patient with our friends can be a challenge, especially when we have a falling out and need to really listen to their concerns.

But if you can take a step back and trust in the strength of your friendship, you'll be able to work through disagreements more quickly.

William Shakespeare may well have been the greatest man England has ever produced, but he is also one of the most elusive.