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In 1977 — two years after Martinson’s article — Washington State passed the Juvenile Justice Act, which included the first statewide sentencing standards for juvenile offenders.

Further, Martinson derided the theory of “crime as a social phenomena,” arguing that rehabilitative strategies “have on occasion become, and have the potential for becoming, so draconian as to offend the moral order of a democratic society.” He also worried that rehabilitation implied releasing those who have little risk of re-offending, but keeping high-risk criminals locked up so that they might be rehabilitated.

He wrote:“A middle-class banker who kills his adulterous wife in a moment of passion is a ‘low risk’ criminal; a juvenile delinquent in the ghetto who commits armed robbery has, statically, a much higher probability of committing another crime.

Early morning walks before the heat takes over, an appointment or two each day finalizing house details, checking on the progress of our house, researching (Kelowna/our future travels/future purchases, etc.) on the i Pad and ending our day, sitting in the shade of the RV watching a bit of news and having dinner. Last year’s returns are still not done, despite my dropping them off last year with a plan to pick the completed returns this April in Calgary.

The real panic is about the new taxes we will have to pay, thanks to #45’s (Trump) new tax plan. We had dinner with friends Clara and George last week. Second interaction with the fire department in a week. Kids and adults alike are racing against each other. We took a trip to the local police station to report Sheila’s most recent fender bender, visited Hole’s greenhouse to buy and then plant pots for the patio, visited John Bloxham’s gravesite, and Saturday morning, we sat around in our PJ’s having breakfast and watching the royal wedding. ) On Sunday night, I cooked 2 pounds of bacon (in the oven) for Sheila’s freezer. I persevered to the very end, shut down the oven and we went to bed. Once we were more alert, we realized it was the alarm for the entire building. Meg discovered the ride-a-mower a couple of days ago and I am now relegated to the push-a-mower…!

Foucault and the “new criminologists” gave rise to a new dogma that saw rehabilitation as “a case of good intentions corrupted for sinister purposes.” After that point, scholars spent little time studying how to make rehabilitation better.

According to Cullen (2005), they were “in fact cheering for showing that treatment programs did not work.”Instead, these reformers wanted to set clear sentencing guidelines and legal protections that would be codified in legal statutes.

Interestingly, Martinson’s views were accepted by both progressive and conservative critics of the criminal justice system.

Progressive reformers criticized the rehabilitative ideal because it put disproportionate power in the hands of the state, and they found that the state used those powers in problematic ways.

In fact, one study found that treatment programs made boys do worse.

Martinson said the same was true of other prison alternatives, like parole with intensive supervision.

The basement floor slab is in and the carpenters are framing the basement before they put the main floor joists on. We have tracked down another consultant and have high hopes the returns will be completed by the end of June. Besides catching up with one another’s lives, laughing lots and having some good cries with one another, we watched a couple of movies, took some great walks, and did a bit of shopping, cooking, and entertaining. I was terrified I had left the oven on, left bacon cooking…. 1Summer is definitely here in Kelowna, with temperatures hovering in low 30s during the day and mid-teen at nigh (all Celsius of course! Meg has left for Edmonton this morning to be with her friends Sheila and Maryanne. Still much to do around the campground as the grass just keeps on growing and needs to be cut.