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Look, I know you’re used to me sharing insight on premium dating sites, but I’m beginning to call out those that are scams even if they are completely free.

The reason I don’t is due to the absurd amount of scandalous scamming that takes place on these types of sites.

You can book a place cheaply on sites like and book a taxi over the phone or internet or use uber.

You just need to use common sense and do your research on well-known scammer tactics.

Even worse, they’re looking for a 90-day fiance that’ll be the next sugar daddy or something like that. Oh, to make matter much worse, if you look at the number of women online at any given time, my guess is that you won’t find very many.

If you take a look at the image below, you’ll notice that at the time of this review there were less than 600 people on the dating site in total.

We don't live in 80s any more and in Eastern Europe many people are more money than in the UK (drive better cars, have better houses etc.) and girls who are good looking can find someone good over there without having to look abroad.

Most of all don't expect to find a model looking 20-year old wife when you're a 50-year old fart with missing teeth.

Have you ever done a search or two online looking for free dating sites? At one point or another, my guess is that you’ve come across a site that’s called Fdating.