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Dating issue sex social

Behavior is a form of communication – the hard part is figuring out what the behavior is telling us.

In order for them to make good choices, it is our responsibility as parents to teach them about these very personal topics.

If it appears that your child is not ready to learn about human sexuality, don’t assume they are unable to understand its concepts.

Unless a child understands what it is they are seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, and smelling, how can they learn any other skill necessary to survive in today’s world?

Communication and relationship skills are essential skills that first require an awareness of the world, as well as awareness of one’s place in the world.

There is a risk of depression during these years as it becomes apparent to the teenager with an ASD just how different they are from their peers.

As they become more interested in socializing, they may be teased and scorned by others due to their lack of required skills.

We all need to learn appropriate behavior, but more importantly, we need to have a form of communication we can ably and comfortably use to express ourselves.

There are many on the higher functioning end of the autism spectrum who are very articulate but still have trouble with aspects of typical conversation.

It can’t because the sensory issues are interfering with the child’s ability to attend and learn.

The anxiety over sensory issues can be acute and can completely fill the child’s field of awareness.

For example, many are literal thinkers who do not understand metaphors, double meanings, or idioms.