Start Dating a friends x

Dating a friends x

I know it's drama, I just wanted an opinion, but then again which on you has been sick an unable to date for 5 years and counting.... This may be my only chance at a girlfriend for years to come, that's what I'm looking at. Geezers, I was going to go on about her being your best friends ex, with a child by him, and he hates her, hurts my head just to think about it, I cannot imagine why anything would want to get involved in so much drama. She married a guy just to get back at another guy....yeppers, drama queen all over this one. If you are not Trollin you have some real serious personality diversities... I asked a simple question about some girl I'm friends with at the moment for future reference of a situation that may or may not occur .

Do you really think ex-cons are all docile and ready to live a normal life without violence???? Do you think the law will protect you and your new love???

Sounds like you've been out of circulation for a while and you should focus on mainstreaming for a time before you pair up.

If that doesn't steer you away then you two were probably meant for each other. I'm just as concerned about the situation as some of you seem to be.

Or I wouldn't have asked the question the begin with. Did you see the part where she is currently MARRIED!!!???? Wait to do anything until she is a free woman and not married.

She married this guy to get back at him she told me, but is over him now and not trying to do the same with me. Is it wrong to start soemthing with her in this type of situation?? I've been sick for a few years with a rare illness and unable to date, period. I don't understand why you would have gotten involved with her in the first place knowing what you know but you did so....

My freind doesn't know we hang out and I have no idea what he would say. She doesn't care about that, she knew well before I was sick and knows I'm getting better. At his point only you can decide if this possible and I mean possible relationship is worth the drama.

I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant and safe site.

We have become so close as friends we have adopted each other as forgotten sisters!

That said, it seems to me that her relationships with your X and your BF are just white noise.

The thing with her man is more serious - but if she’s going to dump him, than why not?

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